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    Living rooms by architect

    The living room is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms in the house and therefore it should be comfortable and presentable. It is the center of our home life, where we spend most of the day and we should arrange it in a well thought out way.

    The matching of colours based on a maximum of three colours, is one of the basic rules in order to gain consistency within the room. It is very important to illuminate the living room, so that it seems more spacious. Arranging the living room is a large room for maneuver when choosing accessories. Furniture, colours and accessories must fitted and bring the benefits of space. The success of the arrangement is largely determined on the details that best emphasize the style of interior. Modern living often goes towards minimalism and simple but original solutions. The advantage of the interior will be designer furniture, which emphasize its uniqueness.
    Proper lighting highlights the elements that we want to exhibit. Classic lounge warms up wooden floors and earthy colors. When you decide on this convention, you should remember that it refers to the natural and noble materials such as marble, stone, wood and high-quality crystals. A fireplace in the living room warms up and gives a dignified image. Modern living rooms balance between industrial and minimal style. Modern living room is characterized by large glass and minimalist forms. Contemporary salons do not like splendor. When the room is not crowded with furniture, it shows space and highlights interesting objects.

    Modern living room should be multifunctional and divided into zones. The trick is to give the interior an individual character, connecting its practical aspect. Those who value this style should start with the range of colors. The combination of gray, graphite and white gives a guarantee to create modern living room. Simplistic interior can be warmed up with some accessories, trying to limit them to a minimum. It is worth mentioning that it is now fashionable to combine modern style with antique furniture, which suit well in such arrangement. In our gallery you will find many ideas for the development of the living room that will satisfy the most demanding tastes. We hope that our inspiration will be helpful in choosing a remarkable arrangement.

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