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    The kitchen is a place of particular importance and it has always been the heart of the house. In the kitchen we experience positive energy, smells and conversations in the background. The kitchen ceased to be a secondary place for serving and preparing meals and turned into an area that is more exposed. The kitchen is quite often integrated with the rest of the house and the open kitchen gives space.

    Therfore, the kitchen harmoniously connects the rooms of the house by creating a common unity and it maintains the atmosphere of the house. Adequate lighting in the kitchen determines its ergonomics. Key areas which require good lighting are the worktops in the kitchen. The key to giving the idea of suitability of the kitchen are the furniture and accessories. The most important is the choice of style and appropriate selection of colors to create a successful composition. Therefore, the most important is the climate is what we give to the kitchen, to create the warm and cosy place for the household. Depending on your preferences, needs and abilities , everyone will find something for themselves amongst a wide range available on the market. Most of us choose traditional kitchens in neutral colors. Traditional and classic kitchens are timeless. They are ideal for people who value proven solutions. At the same time there are more and more supporters of customised solutions and avant-garde colors.

    Among other kitchen trends we distinguish the kitchens in a modern and industrial style minimal. They are characterized by simplicity, lightness, and such elements as glass and metal. These are mostly sterile kitchens and simple. They are strongly dominated by black, white and greyness. The modern kitchen has an island, which except for its practicality is a decoration. The kitchens in Scandinavian style attract attention due to the white and cool colors throughout the room. Warm accessorises brighten up a kitchen. Other examples are the kitchens in rustic and retro style with a predominance of wood. Browns and beiges dominate in these styles. It is impossible to ignore the heavy and wooden furniture. Remember that the kitchen should be functional and practical but first of all it should please us and attract by its magic.

    With this message, we encourage you to take advantage of our wide range of kitchen inspirations.

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