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    The garden is a special place surrounding the house because this area around creates the conditions for continuous contact with nature and unique aura.

    Organised and aesthetic environment is a showcase of your home. A House with a garden should create a coherent whole. Designing a garden space should be well- thought out and adapted to the place where the house stands. We organise our garden differently in urban area and different away from the city.
    The most important for proper gardening is to have a proper selection of trees and plants. Lighting, water features, fencing, pavement and greenery should form a harmonious whole and one composition to avoid chaos and glamor. Just as the design of the house, gardenshould start from the analysis. Garden should be adapted to our way of life. More and more of us are willing to choose the modern style garden. Modern garden is often accompanied by a modern building and is characterized by straight lines or geometric shapes. It is dominated by minimalism, the fewer plants that are more clearly it is. The modern composition of a garden is a large smooth surfaces such as trimmed lawn, decorative freely growing grass and careful selection of materials. In contemporary gardens, exotic wood, raw concrete, glass, steel and plastic are often used. An important element of the modern garden is furniture.

    Modern garden thanks to its structure looks impressive throughout the year. After choosing the concept of the garden, you can go to the project. Please note that a garden is an impressive home decoration.

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