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    The bedroom is a retreat and a zone of tranquility, rest and sleep.

    It should be cosy to ensure a comfortable rest after a long day. The clear separation of the bedroom from the active part of the house can ensure intimacy and best resting conditions. The bedroom is one of the most challenging household spaces. Therefore, it is important how we plan our bedroom, and what character we give to this part of the house. It is highly recommended and is increasingly more popular when the bedrooms are connected with a dressing room and a bathroom. When designing a bedroom, every detail should be taken into consideration. Proper lighting builds up an atmosphere, the selection of colors and accessories give a proper character. When choosing the arrangement of the bedroom, we can highlight the specific styles. Starting from the modern bedroom, where simple style is highlighted, geometric shapes and game of colors. Here it is advisable to avoid intense dark colors and simple forms give elegance. It is worth paying attention to bedroom in a Scandinavian style. The white warmed up with wooden floors, pastel and accessories, such as cushions and blankets, really attract attention.

    A blend of these elements together can create a cosy and charming interior. Now, let’s have a look at bedroom in the minimal style. The principle is simple, the fewer objects the better. In this kind of bedroom there is an order, plus a spacious and plain interior. This often results in a white and grey combination. Classic bedrooms are still very popular. Those who are less courageous avoid to follow the current interior trends and select conservative traditional styles. Carefully chosen and traditional colors is the domain of classic bedroom. More and more often people follow the direction of an industrial bedroom design. Stone or brick red walls and metal parts are typical for this style. The Industrial style is most often used in lofts.

    No matter what style you choose, we must remember that the bedroom is a special place. Arranging the bedroom depends on individual preferences. At the stage of your bedroom interior selection, you shouldn’t forget the principles of feng shui,which aims to achieve comfort and harmony.Comfort and ergonomics are the most important message of this philosophy. We encourage you to view our proposals for choosing a bedroom, because you may just in be inspired by us and find exactly what you are looking for.

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