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    The bathroom is a place where we take care of our bodies. That is why it is so important to create the specific atmosphere and surroundings.

    The bathroom should be functional but stylish, not different from the rest of the aesthetics of the rooms in our house. The bathroom clearly demonstrates the lifestyle of householders and takes on a new character because it is a place where you can relax and clear your head after the whole day. When you create the bathroom aura, carefully selected materials, their colors, texture and a proper design play a key role.

    Scattered light introduce the right mood, and vibrant colors brighten up the interior of the bathroom. In order to maintain order among a considerable amount of little things necessary in the bathroom, it is necessary to organize the space. In small bathrooms you should try a full-length mirror that visually expands the space. The idea for the arrangement of the bathroom is a real challenge. The bathroom is a place that encourages unconventional solutions. Contemporary designs create great opportunities for doing so. Modern style bathroom in a minimal style are just bathrooms fittings, glass and steel with onlu up to two colors combined. Bathroom in retro style is characterized by a spectacular crystal chandeliers, lampshades and wooden furniture. In this arrangement the attention should be paid to a special freestanding tubs with decorative legs and stylized mirror frames.

    The bathroom is in the spirit of industrial concrete interior reminds factory and differs from the splendor. It is an excellent alternative for those who value design solutions. In addition, the industrial character create materials such as stone, metal and all shades of grey.
    The introduction of the wooden floors heat up the simple industrial interior. It is recommended to use exotic wood for those kind of bathrooms.

    Scandinavian bathrooms are focused on simplicity. They are dominated by bright colors and materials such as wood and wicker. Regardless of whether you are looking for an idea for a bathing room or small bathroom, remember that it should meet your expectations. Look at the projects of bathrooms available on our website and choose the perfect one that will fulifill your needs.

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